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Complimentary home barista training every Monday nights * Monthly member events * Killer house roasted coffee * Birthday club discounts * Nutritional meetings * Tea Duelling * Locally sourced ingredients * 12th birthday this year (we’re about to hit small business puberty * Sms pre – ordering (if your feeling important or feeling late) * Phone app coming March 2014 with full order function, interactive, post photos and be part of something spesh*


Vargabar Espresso tucked away in a tidy little corner just off the hustle and bustle of King St is the gem of Newtown. Known for its urban eclectic style, and very well known to the locals, you will feel like one too after only just a couple of visits. Someone there will surely know your name. Vargabar is all about you, and that’s the reason we have been here 12 years and going strong.


The hardest thing to find anywhere and lets be honest it’s rare to find all 4. A combination of all four critical cafe elements: Killer coffee, delicious of food, super friendly service and a chilled place to people watch. Well look no further. And come park your can with us.. The best coffee, the best food and the best service in Newtown – and a great place to sip away the day. Varga’s walls are of course littered with prints from the incredible pin up artist Alberto Vargas.


We choose our super premium graded coffee from different parts of the world and roast in house in tiny little 1.1kg batches. In fact there is nothing else out there than the coffee we import, roast and serve. Roasting in such small batches allows us to cool the coffee beans from 197 to 37 degrees in less than 4 mins. This means we can bag the coffee instantly and trap in all those incredible natural gases that give our blend the Audrey (yes named after Audrey Hepburn) it’s distinct and unique flavour. Ask for a “double ris  – on Dan”  for a tasting that will blow your socks off.




Mon - Fri 7am - 6pm
Sat / Sun 8am - 5.30pm

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Vargabar Espresso

10 Wilson St, Newtown

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